Anthropology, Penn State Graduate

Fairfield County, Connecticut

Meet Saikiran Bomma

As a major in Biological Anthropology at Penn State University, Saikiran Bomma has made her college education all about the study of human evolution and the biology behind it. But in recent months, Saikiran has also made a study of herself and her goals for life after college.

Like many students in her position during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kiran Bomma has been keeping her eyes on several opportunities once economies reopen, businesses begin hiring, and graduate-level classes once more seat students. Saikiran Bomma has a set of skills that are very transferable for whatever marketplace she winds up in, considering that much of her education was about understanding different cultures and practices, the intricacies of human evolution, and the development of the human being at the most primal levels.

Perhaps the biggest lesson Kiran Bomma has learned in her academic studies is that her perspective isn’t the only perspective and that one must be open to hearing different opinions. It’s a piece of wisdom the India-born, but American-raised, Saikiran will always keep as her most important life lesson.

Saikiran Bomma currently resides in Fairfield County in Connecticut.

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